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Create XR viewing experiences for your collectors.

Vortic Curate is a content management system for your gallery that makes it easy to create engaging digital content and curate exclusive virtual exhibitions. Once an exhibition has been curated, invite collectors from anywhere in the world to engage with two-dimensional and three-dimensional works with impeccable quality through our integrated augmented and virtual reality apps Vortic Collect and Vortic VR, and our web platform at

We offer virtual gallery spaces of different dimensions in which you can mount exhibitions, customise the space and choose how works of art are displayed, including the framing and lighting. Using the highest-resolution 3D scanning technology we can also capture your gallery photogrammetrically with perfect precision enabling you to curate digitally as if you were in the physical space.

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Invite Collectors To....

Private Views & Exhibitions
Invite collectors to your private views and post public exhibitions based on past or current programming. Walk collectors through your exhibitions with live video events.
Personal Viewing Rooms
Maintain the exclusivity of a private sale experience and curate a gallery space that is bespoke to a collector’s interests.
Art Fair Previews
Hang art fair previews in your virtual gallery and share them with collectors in global locations. Or invite collectors to view the full range of your gallery’s inventory on location, regardless of where you are exhibiting.
In-Gallery Experiences
Create memorable in-gallery events and experiences enjoyed via Oculus VR headsets. Allow collectors to visit all of your gallery locations or view specially curated VR only exhibitions.
XR Only Exhibitions
Create new virtual exhibitions and mount shows beyond your physical gallery space

Features & Benefits

Display Three-Dimensional Works
Include sculptures, textiles, or other three-dimensional objects for collectors to engage with inside your exhibitions.
Customise Information
Add information about individual works at your discretion including the material composition, dimensions, price and availability.
Audio & Visual
Host live events inside your exhibitions. Provide narrated tours for exhibitions or personalise them with individual collectors in mind. Attach audio and video content to works that are accessible within the XR experiences.
Analytics & Enquiries
See which works of art collectors are most interested in and receive direct enquiries in real-time.
Reduce your gallery’s carbon footprint by minimising the frequency and volume of art that gets transported globally.
Logistics & Costs
Eliminate the risks involved with transporting fragile works around the world, while saving on insurance and shipping costs.